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My HONEST feedback - home setup with Unifi and ONE AP

Hello - thanks to all of you I recently completed and activated my home setup.


Here's my honest feedback below.

Synopsis: ROCKS!!!


Setup: Single UAP-AC-LR centrally located (approx.) 2nd. floor of a 3 floor home (1 floor = basement). It's connected to an unmanaged Gigabit $20 TP-LINK switch and then to a $30 Netgear N300 router and finally WAN is Optimum 200 mbps via Arris 16 channel (down), 8 (up). Controller = desktop PC wired to switch.

As you can see this is the MOST basic and rudimentary infrast. setup possible, using old products along with UAP-AC-LR. 


Please note: My home is a problematic home. I have had CONSTANT failures with AC network. Even high-end consumer routers with mesh failed me. Reason being my exterior walls are real stucco with wired mesh. Interiors are plaster with wired mesh and previous owner introduced insulation. Floorings are concrete slabs. Basement is cinder. I share a wall with another home and the wall in-between is solid 6" brick blocks! To top it, I have 53 wireless networks and ISP Optimum FLOODS with their Wifi network - 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.


Settings: 1 SSID - 5 GHz. only. VHT80. Channel selection: AUTO.  Multicast: NO. UAPSD: Yes. DTIM: 3. 1 Site, 1 WLAN. All clients: wireless. Few hard-wired clients are to N300 router via Gigabit switch. Radio power: Highest.


Observation #1: 12 kids, in basement with individual tablets and smart phones connected continuously and played for 4 hrs yesterday with my kid. Basement loc. is farthest from AP. 

Observation #2: 2 4K TVs streamed in parallel UHD movie today 1st. floor and basement.

Observation #3: Had to upload 21 Gb. of data wirelessly from laptop into cloud. Laptop loc.: 1st. floor.


Results: In no way these are scientific however it clearly proves even with 1 AP, its able to hold connections and perform flawlessly. The only 2 areas where I feel 2nd. AP might come in handy were:


  1. my smart phones showed lag when in basement (tested by streaming Netflix) when in 5G. If I enable 2G, then it drops to 2G and lag disappears. If I have a 2nd. AP, then I can force the phone to connect to the 2nd. AP by using defined RSSI values I think. Also of course reduce the 5G power perhaps of LR.
  2. When streaming 4K content, there are 3 times over the course of 3 hrs. when dropped to HDX from UHD due to lack of bandwidth. Thus, I feel if I put a AC-PRO , 1st. floor -> then from streaming perspective I'll get better bandwidth (in conjunction with changes outlined in above point).

Regrets: Absolutely, unequivocally : NONE. Its an amazing piece of h/w and technology. Am loving it. Also: thanks to this community. Wonderful support. I am just waiting for the USG to come in and I think my thing will only improve.

If really pushed - my only regret perhaps will be buying the AC-LR. As told - AC-LR enables HEARING better the smartphone. I am just wondering - then when I put the AC-PRO on 1st. floor to provide efficient roaming I'll need to dial down AC-LR. Then, my logic tells -> it basically then defeats the whole purpose of having a LR, in the 1st. place!! On similar lines - even if I go with AC-LR #2, instead of AC-PRO -> I'll have the same problem. Trying to justify myself that NO - AC-LR was and is a good choice, even after I put the 2nd. AP. 

Did the answer helped you ? if yes, i would love your kudos on it