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Network Design Recommendations

I have a client who is building a wifi "campus" network in 1 site in 6 different countries. The 6 sites will be monitored/controlled from a 7th HQ location. Each site is outdoors with no IT infrastructure in place (they are soccer field complexes). The plan is to bring service from a local ISP to each site and connect to an AP. Some installations will have Static IPs, others will be Dynamic.


I'd like recommendations on how best to control the entire network. I'm confused as to the pros and cons of the various alternatives and am wondering what the community can suggest and why.


Would a HQ PC running the Unifi Controller work? Or should it be server based in a cloud (eg. AWS). What about using the Unifi cloud option? Or should a cloud key(s) be used? If so, can a single cloud key at the HQ do the job, since there is little/no infrastructure at each site? Are there other system requirements that would affect the controller choice (eg. number of users, etc.)?


Do the Dynamic IPs create a management challenge? How would the HQ controller re-connect to an AP that has a changed Dynamic IP address? Would I need something like DynDNS and is it compatible with the AP in some way?


And finally, would the controller choice change as the network grows? The plan is to increase the number of APs/site to a maximum of 6 and the number of sites to increase to around 25.

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Re: Network Design Recommendations

Short answer - you are better to go with a cloud based option like AWS. It is really straightfoward to setup and you can scale it as much as you like. It offers all the flexibility you will need and does the same job as every other alternative you suggested


You will need that flexibility if you plan to grow the network

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Re: Network Design Recommendations

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Hello @DHHJ,


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I would use a AWS controller, so if the HQ goes down you can still control the other sites.

But it will work with a controller at the HQ, use DynDNS for the inform if the HQ doesn't have a static IP.




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Re: Network Design Recommendations

Just adding to the previous post, cloud based controller would be the way to go. and No,  Dynamic IP address does not really matter as it is the APs that initialize connection to the controller. All the AP needs is DHCP server and access to the internet.