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Network Loop caused by wireless uplink on Unifi AC Lite and Mesh


I have 5 of Unifi AC Lite/Mesh deployed using a TP-Link Poe Managed Switch T1500G-10MPS. Some of these have questionable cabling and are very difficult to recable. I was glad that the Unifi will automatically go to wireless uplink when the cable goes down. However, when the cable link come back up, I would have two Unifi connected to each other wirelessly (wireless uplink) but both of them are connected to the same POE switch. This caused a loop and the network goes down. So, I turned on the spanning tree on the switch and set it up to work. They seem to work fine in the case where the wired link is lost, the AP wireless uplink backup connected to the closest AP. However, when the wired link is back up, the AP never returns itself to Wired Uplink. Restarting the AP didn't work, unplug/replug the AP didn't work. The only way was to restart the entire switch or turn off/on the STP. Was just wondering if this is the only way to go about it. 


Port 1-5 are Unifi AP AC/Lites, Port 8 is the wired uplink to the another switch (with STP as well).



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Re: Network Loop caused by wireless uplink on Unifi AC Lite and Mesh

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The wireless uplink feature wasn't designed to be used as a hardwire failover.  


The uplink feature is automatically enabled from the initial setup.  If the cable goes down, it will go into uplink mode, but it's not design to fail back over when the cable becomes active.  


If you don't need the uplink feature, I would disable it in the controller.  







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