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Network Planning - Before Install

After much googling havent been able to find a decent pre-install coverage map tool. 


Can anyone recommend one? 


We only need to display to clients the coverage, don't need any advanced input. 



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Re: Network Planning - Before Install

If I've read correctly, controller v. 5.7.x (which is in stable candidate currently) will allow you to add virtual devices to a map. Hopefully that means that you can choose model and power settings and place it on a potential customer's floorplan to visualize coverage.

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Re: Network Planning - Before Install

You may be just as well off using a floor plan for the client

and an available tool such as PowerPoint to add circles of

coverage. These circles should be based on a site survey

or at least an experienced estimation of the effects of

building size and materials.


You can add all the colors and circles you like!   Dave

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