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Network health screen, have APs check external connection

Beginning to switch current network over to almost all Unifi (Meraki firewall, Cisco Phone, all else will be Unifi over next 18 months). We've gotten the first phase of APs installed and I am wondering if it is possible to complete the network graph without a USG? Is there a way to have the APs, and eventually the switches check the external connection to make sure that it is up? I realize that if we had the USG it would be done automagically, but we do not plan to use them at this time.

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Re: Network health screen, have APs check external connection

Don't think so, but that's just a nice drawing to tell you if the devices are OK or not. Checking for internet connection from anything other than the network gateway doesn't make much sense because the management VLAN(the one you use to manage the devices) will often not have access to the internet, for security reasons, obviously.

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