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New to Ubiquiti unifi lite

Hi everyone,


I currently have the N300 netgear router/modem at my small apartment ( 80m^2)  and I to improve my wifi signal so I was searching for a new modem/router but everyone was recommending the Uniquiti Unifi on forums. I went ahead and bought the ubiquiti unifi lite without having much of an idea of what it really does. I've watched a few videos on youtube about it and how to setup but it seems like most people have heaps mroe gadgets with it like a controller and a switch etc. At the moment, I'm planning to connect the ubiquiti unifi lite to the POE provided and connect that to the N300, however I will just be mounting it on the wall next to the N300 because the ethernet cord doesn't go that long.

So I'm just asking is that the correct way to use it and is there really a point for me to try set this up or should i just return it and buy a modem router like the asus DSL-68. 


Thanks guys, don't know who else to really ask Man Sad

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Re: New to Ubiquiti unifi lite

It depends...


You are mentioning you bought the Lite for improving wifi signal. What are you currently running into? What problems do you experience for having a need of better wifi signal? What requirements do you have?


The Lite (and any other dish) will perform best when mounted to the ceiling. If that's not possible...the problems might remain.


In my opinion, the Unifi range added value lies in having multiple accesspoints controlled by one controller. If you require just one device for both routing and wifi, just get a decent router from (i.e.) Asus. The one mentioned has a modem build in as well...again, what are your requirements?

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