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Newbie question about POE and UAP-LR

My question is related to setting up POE for the UAP-LR access point unit. I have a junction box in on room where the fiber network router is. From there, it branches out to the various jacks connecting to each of the rooms of the house. The whole house is wired with CAT 5. When I plugged in the POE injector, as directed, and then went to room where the access point would eventually go, power was not detected by the access point. To troubleshoot, I then plugged in the POE injector in that second room right next to the access point and it powered up just fine. I am completely brand new to POE and was curious if perhaps the power from the POE injector was not making it to the second room as it can only go a certain distance or perhaps certain cables are needed. Any thoughts on what might be the issue? The allure of POE initially was that I could plug in the rather large injector in the room with the junction box and simply have to worry about plugging in the powered network cable in the second room.
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Re: Newbie question about POE and UAP-LR

Could be a bad termination on that cable run. Do you have a network cable tester handy?
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Re: Newbie question about POE and UAP-LR

I'm wary of what you mean by 'junction box'; that's not

a normal network element.


If you want to distribute your network to multiple locations,

you need a network switch--not a junction box. Each switch

port is used for only a single cable run. You can't run a 'big'

PoE power supply there for multiple locations. Some switches

have PoE power on each port to make distribution easier.


If you don't have a PoE switch, you can put the Ubiquti-provided

PoE power supply at either end of the cable--either at the switch

or in the room where the access point is located. It's usually a

lot easier to place it at the switch.   Dave

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