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Notes on UniFi releases - Stable Candidate, Stable, repos, download site, etc.

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Hi all,


As you may know, we're using a different release schedule. You've likely also noticed that you see both Stable Candidate releases and Stable releases in the community.


When there is a new release in the community, it typically will be in the form of a Stable Candidate. This is a release that should be good for the next Stable release. It is released to the community only, and only available via the blog post.


Assuming there aren't any major issues discovered, that version will be re-released as Stable exactly one week after it is released as a Stable Candidate. This initial Stable release will also be available only in the community blog post. One week from the time a release goes stable, it will be pushed to the download site, Debian/Ubuntu/Cloud Key repos, etc. 


Hopefully this helps clarify things a little.