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Point to Multi Point or Bridge/Repeater

Hi All

I am after some advice.  A customer is looking to install a central high speed internet connection to share amongst 23 houses (See pic)  The internet connection will be situated by the gate entrance to the estate as this is where a power feed for the estate is.  We are looking at a road side cabinet to house active equipment and a radio mast on which we will place an AP.  The design issue I have is how do I connect the houses - specifically the ones across to the left?  Should I go as tall as possible on the radio mast to clear all the roofs and get line of site - this is not going to sit well with the home owners as I can image this will be  a bit of an eyesore.  Alternatively a mesh scenario from house to house?

I am open to idea's and which products I should consider deploying.



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Re: Point to Multi Point or Bridge/Repeater

23 large expensive new homes, and no one thought to put in the infrastructure for Internet? The 'right' way to do this is trenched fiber along the back property lines, and some sort of GPON set up.

If that's not an option (it should have been, during construction), then yes, you need line of sight to every home. This could be multiple tower locations, if one large tower isn't cutting it.
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Re: Point to Multi Point or Bridge/Repeater

Run cabling like so (as flipper said above)


Line of sight is going to be ugly, poles and AP's on roof's etc


Rather do a once off cable run and be done with it - plus less maintenance, and complaints Man Tongue


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