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Power bank USB for UCK power backup. What are you using?

OK, we know the UCK is a useful tool.  We also know when power is lost, it does not shut down so gracefully, many times corrupting something on the UCK.  Flush and reload every time.


In addition to POE, a suggestion was made to put power to the UCK micro-usb via one of those charge banks.

Finding one that is both a battery and has blades for 120v is simple enough, and sounds like an ideal backup solution in addition to the UPS on the switch and USG.


However, the charge banks I've tried wil not go from a standby mode to supplying the USB power automatically.  Some human intervention is needed.

Most priortize feeding the phone or whatever device and when that device is full, goes into charge and hold the main battery mode.  In order to switch back to supplying USB power, either a button has to be pressed, or a plug-unplug action to get it to switch - and once POE is returned, the charge-bank senses the USB on the UCK is "charged" and goes back into standby.


Anybody find a charge bank device that switches from charge-bank charge to USB supply and back to charge-bank automatically?  One with 120v blades would be a plus.



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Re: Power bank USB for UCK power backup. What are you using?

Not sure this is what you are looking for, but I kept my solution pretty simple. My cloud key does not run on POE, just USB. I have a UPS running my router and modem and then I just have a USB adapter (one rated for the cloud key) running to the cloud key. So if I lose power, the cloud key keeps running off the UPS. I did think about using a power bank, but just figured using my UPS would be one less item in the mix of things.

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Re: Power bank USB for UCK power backup. What are you using?

I power my home CK over PoE and over USB. Between the USB power source and the CK I've put a small "power bank", normally used to recharge a phone. Keeps the CK powered when the switch is rebooted or during (shortish) power outages. Cheap and easy. Man Happy 

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Re: Power bank USB for UCK power backup. What are you using?

Thanks for asking this question. I need to get my CK independently powered because the belief at my library is that one should unplug the CK (known here as the "wifi dongle") whenever there is a network problem. I usually end-up resetting it and restoring it from backup when this happens.


I was thinking that a portable USB recharger, that could be charged while in use, would be the cleanest solution. I'd feel more comfortable providing only one power source, but I don't have any solid rationale for that.

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Re: Power bank USB for UCK power backup. What are you using?

Or get the new UCK-G2 from the beta store if they still have any.