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Preserving limited bandwidth, RV50,

Hello Forum,

I manage a wireless network inside an ecological preserve on limited bandwidth resources. We just purchased an RV50 modem and set up a Verizon account with a 25GB monthly data limit. 


I'm going to set up a new UNIFI controller and UBNT router with UAP devices and set up a special AP to allow clients to connect to this data resource on a limited basis. Do users on this forum have experience with this type of scenario and is there a reference document with some best practices?


I'm mainly thinking about how to:

1) limit the network usage of the UNIFI controller to the Internet

2) disconnect clients from AP after a specified period


Any thoughts on this strategy?


Thanks again,


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Re: Preserving limited bandwidth, RV50,

Two things come to mind:


- enable "Smart Queue" in the USG

- consider and research extended use of guest vouchers: There are more traffic and speed limits that you can set per UniFi voucher than the limited UniFi controller UI suggests. For details search this forum.