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Questions about the cloudkey

1. Can I upload a confiuration that has been done on the windows version of the SDN 5.8.30 to a cloudkey with latest offical version?

2. Does the cloudkey have any feature beside configuration and logging? Does it steer clients with some kind of load balancing to different access points and allows the AP to hand over clients or something like that?


The controller, no matter if Windows application or cloudkey only manages the USG-Pro-4 for example and configures it. Some features on the USG-Pro-4 could be also configured in the linux shell, if they are not yet available on the controller webinterface, some features just require and updated version of the controller based configuration. Like the switch from the WAN SFP port to a LAN SFP port.

Is that right if I say it like this?

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Re: Questions about the cloudkey

@czajatobias Yes, you can restore a backup from a Cloud Key or any other method of hosting the UniFi controller software to another. The Cloud Key is just one of many methods of hosting the UniFi software- people often choose it because it's simple to setup and easy to manage, and doesn't require you to keep a workstation/server up all the time with the software running. 

There are no benefits inherent to the Cloud Key regarding performance/Wireless configuration over any other method of hosting devices. There are advantages and disadvantages to all the various methods of hosting the controller software, just depends on your deployment. 

Yes, the controller software simply allows you to manage and configure your UniFi hardware through a central interface, and while there are manual configuration options available, we recommend sticking to what's available in the UI whenever is possible. This will lead to be the best experience and least complications. 

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Re: Questions about the cloudkey

1. Yes *might* need to update the CK first.  Dunno what they ship with these days.


2. No, it's just a tiny computer to run the controller, instead of a desktop or VM or whatever.