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Recommendation and help: controller on dhcp


I'm facing this problem, hope you can help me.


I need to install 2 uap-ac-pro in my laboratory.
The problem is that the network uses dhcp, and IT doesn't give static addresses.

So, we have an internal file server here. I planned to install the unifi controller there to deploay and monitor the AP's.

But sometimes the ip address of that computer changes. And if that happens, the AP's will lose connection to the controller and have to be resetted and re-deployed, right?


I can do this: install the controler in a VM, with a fixed ip address in a completely different subnet (ex: my laboratory subnet is 10.0.0/24, so i can put the controller in a VM in 192.168.1/24). Deploy the AP's and then plug it in the network.

Because the subnet is different, there will be no collision between the fixed ip of my controller and the computers of the network, and the AP's will still be able to connect to the controller.


Do you think this would work?



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Re: Recommendation and help: controller on dhcp

Luckily there is DNS...who really needs static IP addresses!?

But uap's will work just fine (except from some functionality) if the controller is offline.

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Re: Recommendation and help: controller on dhcp

I read somewhere that the controller needs to be on a system with static address, and if that address changes, the AP loses comm to the controller.
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Re: Recommendation and help: controller on dhcp

Hello @ltcdata,


That is correct, it will be better if you setup a static IP on the server/pc that runs the controller software.




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