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Setting up Unifi APs for 2 separate VLANs

I apologize if I post in the wrong place, but I am unsure about the things I am doing.

One of the branches of the library system I work for is undergoing renovations and I'm planing on getting Unifi Aps as they seem to work pretty well and we're on a tight budget. I'm aiming for the PRO model since it has the standard POE and 2 Ethernet jacks which I think I'm gonna need.

My plan right now is this:

Our network is setup currently with a main managed switch at each branch with ports setup for each VLAN (all behind a pfsense firewall at hq where all the traffic goes to first that creates the VLAns, etc) and I plug an unmanaged switch into them if needed. I intend to get an 8 port POE switch (any recommendations for a good one, preferably unmanaged, btw?) and hook it into the staff VLAN and then tag that SSID in the AP if needed and then run the public ones back to the managed switch, or actually probably to another unmanaged one so I can pass the traffic through an Untangle box that I use for captive portal and statistics gathering. I know the AP's can do that with he guest network but I'm not sure yet if it meets my needs and I'd prefer to wait till all the branches are set up with them which will be next year sometime.

Does this sound workable or is there an easier way?

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Re: Setting up Unifi APs for 2 separate VLANs

What are the wishes for W-Fi?

Do you need (more) seperate networks VLAN's on both side? TAGGED traffic.....


POE switch could be an Touchswitch,  why unmanaged? Pure price relateren? 

Something like, than model TS-8-PRO. 24/48Volt (Managed!)





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