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The Authorize device process to very low in UAPs

hi everybody,

i have a project wifi-marketing use UAPs and Controller Unify but our product have a trouble, the Authorize for device pass internet to very low.

The device( mobile or laptop) call the URL https://*host*:8443/api/login is very fast, but i can't debug from now,   i dont know why device after 22-23 second accept go to internet?  

i already debug in UAP, and see function authorize_guest in script call by one service( i don't know what name was) after i call API  (https://*host*:8443/api/login ) Controller  22-23 seconds.  

Anybody help me, what service name in UAP start the authorize process?    when the Controller send the packed "accept device go to internet" to UAPs, what is service listen it in UAPs?

Thanks for anyhelp.