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Troubleshooting a potential issue with Chromebooks & UniFi

I have an ongoing issue that I'm fairly certain is not UniFi related, but I'm just trying to eliminate UniFi as the a potential source of the problem.


I'm at a school, and we have 30 - 35 Chromebooks per classroom for a total of 350 of these devices .  I'm runing a mix of UniFi AP-AC-Pro and AC-HD with US-48-500W switches aggregated in a pair US XG using DAC.





The issue I'm running into is when a classroom of say 30 devices all get out their Chromebooks and start them up 1/3 to 1/2 of the students will not get an IP address.  I can see them connected to the access point, but they get no address from DHCP.   2 - 5 minutes later they'll get one and connect just fine.    


The way my access points are spread out they average 40 concurrent clients, with a max of 70.  

I suspect the issue lies with the DHCP server the provides addresses for this VLAN, and am working with that vendor on some troubleshooting, but I also want to do anything I can to eliminate other potential causes.

Other networks on these switches and access points (other VLANs) are working fine, and use a different source for DHCP.

Again, I am fairly confident in saying it's a flaky DHCP server on this VLAN, but would like to be able to investigate potential other sources of the issue if they come back to me and say their equipment looks fine.