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UAP-AC-PRO // Interference // Restart // Link Down - Link Up // Channel Selection



I need help understading how UAPs Channel Selection/Inteference work (inluding auto channel selection)


Last night one of my UAP-AC-PRO restarted.


Port 0/3 is where the UAP-AC-PRO is connected in the US-48-500


When I look ind the log it states:


  • Apr 25 01:49:50 Z.Z.Z.Z ("U7PG2: ,802aa810XXXX,v3.4.17.3440") kernel: [19748.800000] Too much interference, Trying to change channels
  • Apr 25 01:49:58 Z.Z.Z.Z ("US48P500: ,44d9e7f5YYYY,v3.3.20.4019") switch: TRAPMGR: Link Down: 0/3
  • Apr 25 at 1:50 AM

  • Apr 25 01:50:00 Z.Z.Z.Z ("US48P500: ,44d9e7f5YYYY,v3.3.20.4019") switch: TRAPMGR: Link Up: 0/3

The UAP-AC-PRO is set to manual Channel 11 and Signal Strength "Medium" 13dBm. (see picture)

After reboot the UAP-AC-PRO have been assigned Channel 6 (but the configuration still states "Manual 11")



  1. Does the UAP still change channels, even if channels are manually configured?
  2. Does the UAP changes channels, with the method of rebooting the entire AP? (including 5Ghz radio)
  3. If question 1 is true; How often is the UAP scanning for intereference?
  4. If question 1 is true; Can this inteference/auto channel change be disabled or scheduled? (it's not cool to reboot during productions hours)
  5. If "auto channel is selected", what is the answers to question 2, 3 and 4?

Thanks in advance


Henrik Meyer

Denmark, Europe


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Re: UAP-AC-PRO // Interference // Restart // Link Down - Link Up // Channel Selection

I am seeing Similar behavior in an outdoor+ running in a noisy wifi environment... Running 3.7.9 firmware
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