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Re: UAP Outdoor "Firmware check failed"

If I power down, wait 5 seconds power up, I get every 10 seconds, a very brief flash of the yellow and the green straight afterwards, but they only each light for about a quarter of a second. Also the network connection says connected then unplugged, in time with the leds flashing.

I am willing to try the serial connection thing, I do a bit of electronics so should be able to knock up a rs232 to TTL cable/converter with 3.3 volt logic levels, but that will have to be for another day, I have spent most of the afternoon already on this already.

Incidentaly is there any tips or Youtube videos you are aware of, for getting the case open on these outdoor long range UAP's?

Regards, Mark, Spain
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Re: UAP Outdoor "Firmware check failed"

Hi Mark,

Sorry I do not have any disassembly guides for the UAP Outdoor. I don't have any in my home lab either so I've never taken one apart, which means I don't personally have any tips. It may be similar to some of our other products, like NanoStation M which you can find disassembly guides on YouTube for.