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UAP+ refuses to connect to correct Uplink

I'm stumped. This one UAP+ will not see the Uplink. It sees and binds to another wired AP indoors near my setup station, but not the one it needs to bind too. I tried powering down other AP and reset the UAP+ to redo the Adoption, but it still won't see the UAP+ that is being uses by the other 3 wireless units on the system (2 x picos and UAP.) I saw it in Controller, but if I choose adopt it goes to isolated.

It works when it is physically connected to the network, but when I unplug it, it goes to isolated or disconnected.

It was working before but then I had to restore my cloud key from an older backup after it got corrupted. The older backup did not have this particular UAP+ in it's configuration. I just left it on it's own for a while until I had time to reset it. But now that I have it, I can't for the life of me get to come back into the fold using the proper Uplink.


I've reset it 6 times.

Discovery tools sees it before adoption.


Uplink UAP+ is at until I replace the remaining Picos

Problematic UAP+ is at 3.7.40


I haven't mastered SSH-ing into these, but if it's necessary I'll get there and do what it takes.