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Unable to import the certificate into keystore - Windows system

I am trying to import a certificate into the controller. I have a pfx file from a windows server and I have been trying to convert it into the correct format that Unifi will recognise (It orignanaly came from Godaddy, but I dont have access to the organal cert files and cant re-download them). Every format I have tried csr, crt, pem, key and so on have failed to import. 


Here is what I need to know

1) What format does the controller use and what is the best way to turn a pfx into that format so that the controller will accept it. I know from this almost useless dociment that it should not contain blank spaces after each line.



2) What is the correct folder to place the file in to import it. "%USERPROFILE%/Ubiquiti Unifi" or "%USERPROFILE%/Ubiquiti Unifi/data" (Yes I have left it in the default location) 


Note: I am using "Java -jar /lib/ace.jar import_cert <Cert file name here>" to import the file. 

This is a windows 7 system running controller version 5.9.29


Thank you