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UniFi Controller Releases [Updated Jun 27th, 2018]

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I'm excited to announce that we're shortening our release cycle to speed up the process of getting new features to you. With that, I'd like to introduce the 5.8 Stable branch alongside the Long-Term Support (LTS) 5.6 branch.


I would like to share an overview of our release structure as well as highlight some of the new features introduced in the UniFi SDN controller branches.



Releases Structure


  • We will only post Stable Candidate (SC) and Stable releases in the public UniFi sections. Each release will first be posted as a Stable Candidate. More on that HERE (
  • Each Stable Candidate is preceded by many Testing releases which are published to Alpha and Beta channels. We make sure that we fix critical issues at an early step.
  • We collect all feedback from you at each step of a release cycle, we track issues and suggestions, and schedule improvements internally.
  • We test all releases internally using automated processes to cover as many as possible test cases.



Current Releases


We are constantly making improvements across all of our current Stable, Stable Candidate, and Testing release branches:


UniFi Controller 5.9 (Testing)

If you would like to try our Testing releases, please join our Early Access program (see Account Settings > Early Access).


UniFi Controller 5.8 (Stable)

Recommended version. Amongst many performance and stability improvements we also added:

  • Allow you to assign USG Physical Ports to Logical Networks.
    We moved WAN configurations from the Gateway Properties Config Tab to the Settings > Network Configs. Gateway property panel has a Port tab now which allows you to assign Network Groups to Physical Ports.
  • Added speed and duplex config for USG interfaces.
    Gateway property panel has Port tab now which allows you to configure Speed/Duplex settings.
  • Allow you to login to your local controller with your SSO credentials and keep local credentials in sync with SSO ones (as long as the controller is online).
    To enable local SSO Login please go to Settings > Cloud Access - Enable Local Login With SSO.
  • Added switcher (aka App Switcher) between UniFi SDN and UniFi Video controllers assigned to your SSO account.
    The switcher is available during cloud connection only ( and is located in the top-right corner (9 dots icon).
  • Added support for the new Mesh (Wireless Uplink) engine and allow you to opt-out wireless uplinking/meshing on a per-radio basis.
  • Improved Client device recognition (type, vendor, model) and we added new client icons
    You can find it in Client property panel and in a table on clients page. You need a UniFi Security Gateway (with the latest firmware) and DPI engine enabled.
  • Added Client Wi-Fi Satisfaction Score (aka Wi-Fi User Experience, in percentage) which helps you identify users with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.
    You can find it in Client property panel and in a table on clients page. You need the latest firmware on your AP.
  • Added more performance graphs in Access Point property panel.
    You can find it in Access Point property panel > Stats tab.
  • Allow you set Management VLAN at Access Points.
    You can find it in Access Point property panel > Config tab > Services section.
  • Added WeChat authentication method to Hotspot.
    You can find it in Settings > Guest Control > Hotspot section.


UniFi Controller 5.6 (Stable, LTS)

Long-Term Support release with security updates and critical bug fixes. Support ends in November 2018.



Past Releases


UniFi Controller 5.7 (Unsupported)

Amongst many performance and stability improvements we also added:


  • Added IPv6 support;
    You can find it in Settings > Networks > Configure IPv6 Network section.
  • Added support for SNMPv3;
    You can find it in Settings > Services > SNMP section.
  • Added the possibility to download controller logs
    You can find Download Logs button on Insights > Controller logs page.
  • Added channel utilization to detailed overlay on Maps;
    You can find it on Maps page.
  • Added batch remove vouchers;
    You can find it in Hotspot Manager > Vouchers.
  • Added possibility of customization of voucher columns;
    You can find it on Hotspot Manager > Vouchers > Customize columns.
  • Added the ability to display historical statistics per Client (traffic, packets, signal power etc.);
    You can find Show historical data button in Client property panel in Details tab in Statistics section.
  • Support Antenna selection for internal antenna
    You can find Antenna drop-down in Device property panel in Config tab in Radios section.