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UniFi Mesh AC with AirMAX Antenna


I just brought 5 pack of Unifi ac mesh. Now I want to expand the coverage area using an external antenna( whatever Its omni or sector). I just need the 2.4 ghz frequency only. So which antenna should i use. I know that the coverage area depends on verious issus. In my place there only obstracles are trees. most of them are 50 feet tall. Most of my clients are smartphone user. In this situation, can u tell  me the approximate coverage diploying the antenna you suggest. Enyone please help me with that. Thanks in Advance..

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Re: UniFi Mesh AC with AirMAX Antenna

With trees in the game 2.4 GHz is indeed the better choice. But honestly, without a satellite picture or photos and an indication of AP locations and area to be covered we cannot say much here - your question is too general.


Just to issue a warning: The trees are a problem. If you are lucky their leaves are so high up that you can direct the APs to work below them.