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Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

OK folks, where is this master list of commands I can stash away for my techs ?  I see more and more commands popping up on replies that we didn't have before.  Sorry this wasn't in the Certified book handout from the exam....

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Re: Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

Well, at least for SSH commands inside the APs, it's pretty easy. Just log on to an AP and hit TAB on the keyboard twice, it will list all available commands.

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Re: Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

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don't for get just the help, that lists commands

[                   gunzip              mtd                 sleep
[[                  gzip                mv                  sort
adjtimex            halt                nas                 ssh
arp                 head                nc                  stainfo
arping              hexdump             netmsg              stamgr
ash                 hostid              netstat             start-stop-daemon
awk                 hotplug2            nice                strings
basename            htb                 nohup               support
brctl               httpd               nslookup            switch_root
bsd                 hwclock             ntpclient           sync
bunzip2             id                  nvram               sysctl
busybox             ifconfig            opkg                syslogd
bzcat               igmpproxy           passwd    
cat                 igs                 pgrep               tail
cfgmtd              init                pidof               tar
chgrp                ping                tc
chmod               insmod              ping6               tcpdump
chown               iostat              pivot_root          tee
chroot              ip                  pkill               telnet
clear               iperf                telnetd
cp                  iptables            poweroff            test
crond               kill                prepare_bss         tftp
crontab             killall             printf              time
cut                 killall5            ps                  top
date                klogd                  touch
dbclient            ldd                 pwd                 tr
dd                  length              pwdog               traceroute
df                  less        true
diff                ln            ubntbox
dirname             lock            ubntconf
dmesg               logger              radartoolw          uci
dropbear            login               rate.awk            udevtrigger
dropbearkey         logread             rdate               udhcpc
du                  ls                  reboot              umount
eapd                lsmod               redirector          uname
ebtables            mca-cli             reset               uniq
echo                mca-cli-op          reset-handler       uptime
egrep               mca-ctrl            rm                  vconfig
emf                 mca-dump            rmdir               vi
env                 mca-monitor         rmmod               watch
et                  mca-sta             robocfg             watchdog
expr                    route               wc
factorytest         mcad                rpcapd              wevent
false               md5sum              sadf                wget
fgrep               mesg                sar                 which
find                mkdir               scp                 wl
free                mkfifo              sed                 wlconf
fwupdate            mknod               seq                 xargs
fwupdate.real       mktemp              sh                  yes
getty               mount               show_node           zcat
grep                mpstat              show_nt
BZ.v3.2.1# help
UniFi Command Line Interface - Ubiquiti Networks

   info                      display AP information
   set-default               restore to factory default
   set-inform <inform_url>   attempt inform URL (e.g. set-inform
   upgrade <firmware_url>    upgrade firmware (e.g. upgrade
   reboot                    reboot the AP



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Re: Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

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Where might I find additional lists of commands for Ubiquiti products?  I think there's a way, for example, to enable/disable Web Server and HTTPS through SSH but I don't know what the commands are.  Thanks

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Re: Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

Yes please! i got the SSLv3 problem so i want to turn off HTTPS true SSH

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Re: Unifi CLI / SSH commands list ?

you can do 


vi `which` - it's just a shell script. then hit   /set-adopt   and enter


This will take you to the section of the script where commands are defined. No documentation at all though