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Unifi Radius and Active Directory



I have configured RADIUS service inside Active Directory, Radius is also set up in Unifi controller.

We have AD master server outside our LAN (10.1.x.xx) with external address + we also have local AD server inside our LAN ( We also have VPN tunneling done to the network, where our AD master server is located - tunnel is configured inside our router (I can ping AD master server from my computer).


Everything works fine when I have added radius auth server IP as, it connects perfectly to radius SSID. When I will change the radius auth server IP for 10.1.x.xx, then my computer no longer has access to radius SSID but the master server is reachable from our local network, as you can ping it.


What is wrong in configurations or how could this option be possible to use? The main aim for it to work is to have only master server and no additional slave servers inside our LAN.

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Re: Unifi Radius and Active Directory

Hi I would like to know how to set this up as well. Would be nice if UBNT could provide a guide