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Unifi Speedtest

Icon SadNeed help with Unifi hotspot speed.

I did speed test ( through wireless router, and I got 2.5Mbits/s at customer's house. but through Hopspot I got 0.4Mbits/s

I also tested in office, I still only got 0.4 Mbits/s. Through wireless router in office I can get 10Mbits/s easily.

any advice?
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More details, please

Can you provide more details on how things are connected?

Also, iperf is a better tool for testing bandwidth and throughput inside a private network. Speed tests over the Internet are end-to-end tests and generally don't help you pin point your bottle necks with all the points in between. iperf will help you test individual links in your network. In your testing w/ iperf, you will progressively move your test end-point further out from the wifi client/AP and you can compare results from each test end-point.

I know that's high-level and brief but without details on how your internal network is connected, it difficult to provide specific advise.
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Re: Unifi Speedtest

Are you using a WiFi back haul? Have you tested the port that the WAPs a with speedtest? What model is your WAP (hotspot) ?
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Re: Unifi Speedtest


I reset AP to default, the problem fixed.

The connection was: wireless router - Unifi AP

When I connected to wireless router I can see 10Mbits in our office, but only see .5 when I connected to Unifi AP.

I was doing real speed test, not throughput test. we use website

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Re: Unifi Speedtest

I've had the unifi top out at about 50mbit/s so 0.5 seems very slow although I wasn't using hotspot

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