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Unifi controller on VM copied to work.

So I setup my home Unifi controller on my home VM host. Thing worked out great and I have multiple sites in it.. I have also connected to the unifi web access. But here's my question. I backed up the vm and took it to work so I did not have to it up again. Everything was good, I cleared the sites and setup the new site for work. But I wanted to access in my web access site and one time it shows my home network only next time it might be works. I'm guessing there is some config file that keep the unique IDs for the unifi servers.. anyone ever run in to this...
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Re: Unifi controller on VM copied to work.

As you're using a backup of the VM, the controller is an exact copy of the original, so they are seen as the same thing, rather than two separate ones.


You'll need to recreate one of them from scratch to stop them being seen as the same.