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Warning: UAP-AC-LITE and UAP-AC-LR with UniFi Switch on PoE+

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Updated- 12/5/16: 


We’ve found some corner case conditions where the UniFi Switch or EdgeSwitch can activate the PoE protection mechanism in the UAP-AC-LITE and UAP-AC-LR.
This protection mechanism turns the UAP-AC-LITE and/or UAP-AC-LR off when 48V is applied to it.
The UniFi Switch series (US-8-150W, US-16-150W, and US-24, specifically), when hard-reboot (i.e. abrupt power loss) can inadvertently - and permanently - cause older UAP-AC-LITE and UAP-AC-LR to enable the protection.  And the AP then does not disengage the protection - and thus remains powered off.
UAP-AC-LITE and UAP-AC-LR with date codes older than the following, with UniFi switches
UAP-AC-LITE: D/C:1625(G),1624(K) and lower.
UAP-AC-LR: D/C:1625(G),1623(K) and lower.
Newer releases of the UAP-AC-LITE/UAP-AC-LR do not have this concern.  
If you have these older units, and want to ensure you are protected from any issues resulting from a hard reboot, adding the Instant 802.3af Adapters will prevent any damage/risk associated with this issue. For this reason, we are continuing to offer our limited-time give-away of Gigabit Instant 802.3af Adapters- please reach out to me @UBNT-APieper or @UBNT-Cody


If you believe any of your hardware may have been affected by these corner case conditions, please reach out to, and we'll get you taken care of.
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