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Wifi coverage for neighborhood cameras

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I'm looking to provide Wifi for cameras that the HOA plans to purchase.  We have not decided on which cameras we will use, but we are planning on starting with 4.  I already have numerous cameras at my house that I'm providing remote access to some of the HOA members.  They were looking to purchase dedicated internet service for the new cameras, but I don't see any reason for the ongoing expense for internet service when I have gigabit fiber and static IPs, assuming we can come up with a reliable solution.  I'm already using UniFi APs, Cloudkey, and SecureGateway at home.  The Wifi needs would be somewhat directional, and perhaps it could be covered with 1-2 APs, or multiple antennas.  I think it would also be feasible to get another neighbor to volunteer their house for a repeater if needed, but I'd rather avoid that option in the interest of simplicity.  I personally like the idea of an internal AP in the attic (spray foamed, never gets over 90-95 degrees) with external antenna(s).  I appreciate any feedback from those that have done something similar.  I have been researching, but I'd like to avoid the trial and error approach if possible.  Man Happy  Thanks in advance!


  • I plan to use a seperate SSID & VLAN for the HOA cameras.
  • Will the coverage be better with the 2.4 Ghz or the 5 Ghz band?  I know the 5 Ghz band is less crowded.
  • I haven't checked camera options yet but it doesn't seem like 5 Ghz options will be limited.  2.5 Ghz cameras that work well would be fine as well.
  • I'm not deadset against something like an Outdoor AP5, but I think it would look cleaner with just an external antenna connected via a cable coming from inside the attic.  Not crazy about running CAT6 outside the house either.
  • I know the omni-directional antennas have a flat pattern that falls off when you lose line of sight.  The longest distance I'd need to cover would be less than 560 ft.
  • How high can I realistically mount an antenna?  Any concerns with lightening?  Looks like I could use a fiberlgass pole.
  • I'm looking for a combination of AP/antennas that stays within the 36 dbm FCC limit.  The ability to adjust the output power of the AP to a specific value would be a plus, but I can work with any known value.
  • Budget is around $6-800.



HOA_wifi1.pngThe longest points we'd possibly need coverage (560 ft). Possible camera locations. There's nothing on the upper side of the neighborhood (as pictured). The overall dimensions of the neighborhood are 806 ft by 442 ft.AntennaMount.pngLocation where I can easily mount one or more antennas. There is a slight hill in the neighborhood that crests 4-5 houses further into the neighborhood.

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Re: Wifi coverage for neighborhood cameras

With those kinds of distances, and the unknowns of other wifi users in the area, I'd suggest setting up an airmax PTmP setup with something like a nanostation loco 5ac at each camera. This would give you a much more stable and flexible setup.