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Wifi setup at a marina

Hi everyone,


We have a customer looking at setting up a wifi solution in their marina so that their clients/slip holders can have wifi access.

Iit's a fairly big marina with around 300 slips. The goal for them is to sell this service to their slip holders and provide unqiue passwords to each client. It will also be nice to have some kind of measure where you can have a single user connected at a time.


Wiring is not really an option since its by the lake and all outdoor so we would like to see wireless options for the access points.

The main internet will be located in the office area.


I have attached a map that gives an idea in terms of the space we need covered.




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Re: Wifi setup at a marina

Hello @hmalekib,

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Look into AirMAX products for wireless bridges and use UAP AC Ms with UMA-D Antenna or UAP AC M PROs for the WiFi coverage.




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Re: Wifi setup at a marina

The high-density system with multiple wireless backhauls sounds like a throughput disaster.
If you can pull shielded copper or fiber to each finger, it'll really improve the overall bandwidth/cut the noise.
A fair warning, this installation is going to be expensive and doing it right will not be cheap.

Multiple PowerBeams or a full-duplex/high bandwidth AirFiber cousin to feed back to the main office at a minimum.
You'll be looking at providing 15mbps per boat - assume everyone wants to watch Netflix every night.

On the network itself:
Client isolation
PPSK/Captive portal

I can't remember the name, but some hotels generate a unique code for every guest that expires after X amount of time.
It's a bit of a pain on Windows, but 802.1X/Radius would be the best for long-term use.

Client-side AP's - 30 boats/devices per AP is ideal (assuming half 2.4 and half 5ghz) but you'd be looking at 50 clients in some areas.

AC-Mesh - Outdoor rated, minimum 4 AP's per finger

XG series - Expensive but with high-density in mind.
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Re: Wifi setup at a marina

What size boats? Meaning is the plan to provide decent coverage through the hull into the cabin (like smaller - sub 30' vessels), or are they larger and have a wifi repeater system? This will dictate the Access Point spacing. From there, we can figure out how to get the backhaul to the Internet access point in the office (using Point to Multi Point AirMax gear). And then what type of speed do you want to provide to users? And what is your Internet connection feed speed?
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