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Wireless inside a large log-cabin vacation home.

We are familiar and have been successfully using the unify product line in our custom home installations for the last year or so.  We are designing a wifi system for a large log cabin (10,000 sq feet) with about 4,000 sq feet on the basement level, 4,000 on the main leve and about 2000 on the top level.  The main and lower levels are segmented into quadrants with full log (12" dia) walls and within each of these quadrants there are traditional 2x4 studs and drywall walls partitioning rooms.  Fortunately we have cat5e to a low plate in most rooms.  Intent is to get a house-wide wifi coverage with moderate speeds (at least 50Mbps)


Our current direction is to put a unify interior AP in a room within each of these quadrants (4 each for the LL and main level and 1-2 on the top level along with an outdoor 2.4Ghz unit outside to cover the pool and covered porches.  We chose the 2.4Ghz due to achieving maximum penetration of the building materials within each quadrant.  We do not expect that the signal will propagate through the 12" log walls due to the fact that each log still has some moisture content and this is a key attentuation element for the 2.4Ghz band (eg. microwave ovens resonating the water molecules).  We will be using a controller we have in the cloud.  



1.)  Since the wall plates are low ( outlet high and 12" off the floor) and we cannot install on the ceiling, we will be wall -mounting.  Does anyone have a S-diagram for the 2.4Ghz Unify units so I can evaluate the horizontal and vertical signal propagation levels or in lieu of this, is there any other test data for wall mounts.  As an alternative, I could wall mount the outdoor unit with their MIMO vertical whip antennas yet the price almost triples.


2.)  does anyone have real world experience on such an application and any advice would be welcome and appreciated.  

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Re: Wireless inside a large log-cabin vacation home.

Hi @pebaugh welcome to this community.

Please take a look at my post here to see how to get the diagrams you are looking for.


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Re: Wireless inside a large log-cabin vacation home.

Ceiling-mounted is better for the simple fact that center of the room (usually) has the farthest distance to other solid objects (i.e. walls/floors) than wall-mounting, so there's less chance of self-generated interference from the AP.  If you can't, ou


You will generally get slightly better horizontal / diagonal coverage than vertical -- or rather, you get better signal propagation along the plane that passes parallel to the edges of the disc, rather than through the plane that runs perpindicular through it.  From playing around with some, this seems to also be affected by the relative orientations of client devices to the AP as well (i.e. it's easier to put a client device in a bad plane relative to the AP when the AP is wall mounted ...).  Granted, by "slightly better" I mean like "well I mounted this on a 10' ceiling, and got to the end of my yard" vs "I mounted it on a wall in that same room, and lost it somewhere about 10' from the fence" -- test setup was through the house (so 2 partition walls, and ~35 feet of open rooms, an exterior wall, and 190 - 200 feet of yard or so)




With foot-thick walls, I agree that you should at least plan for an AP per quadrant, though that really depends on moisture content of the logs (and will change as they dry out).  Though before purchasing 10 or 12 APs, I would test with a single 3-pack - can always order/add more if you need them.