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help Unifi

need a helping hand

Unifi bought one, and am having no success in running, here at home because I have an ADSL modem, which is and gateway with DHCP enabled, and my Unifi this set everything right with the green light on, appearing in this wifi network normal, except that when I try to access with my notebook, it accesses the network and not only are accessing the Internet, IP problem seems to be, more I can not solve, can someone help me?
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Re: help Unifi

So you're using your ADSL modem as the router, gateway, and DHCP server? Try looking in the server settings under access points, make sure you can ping the UniFi address from a wired device. What is the IP info for the wireless device you are using? (What is it getting from the UniFi, and by relation the DHCP server) What are the models of the other devices you are using? IE Cisco, Westell, etc