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paid wifi setup

Good day all,


I hope this is the right place and I've only ever worked with Unifi products from Ubiquiti, that's why I chose the Unifi sub forum to post in.


A client of mine would like to set up a WIFI network for guests at their lodge and we would need payment facilities for the customers so when they connect to the WIFI they're automatically redirected to a payment page and allowed to enter their credit card details to pay for usage of the network.


What is the easiest or best way for me to implement this and would the Unfi AP's be capable of this? 



lessos hill 2.jpg









I had a client years back that used a voucher system which allowed for a certain amount of time on the network.  The problem with this is the payment method would be cash basis and I'd like to have an online payment method for the clients instead.  The other issue is that it required printing of vouchers which I'd prefer to avoid if I can.


Thank you in advance

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Re: paid wifi setup

The best place to ask this is on the forum's. This section is for people to share pictures of their installations.

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Re: paid wifi setup

What is the UPS system in the first photo - I can't quite make it out, but assume it is 2 x 12v batteries to give the 24v output?

However, it looks like the TS-5 (or whatever it is called these days) is running with it's AC power pack?

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Re: paid wifi setup

Unifi Controler do that what you need.

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Re: paid wifi setup

@Nettech-link The default AngularJS captive portal supports online purchase of single-device vouchers through a selection of payment providers. It’s quite straightforward to set up.


If you’re looking for other specific features such as multi-device voucher support or reduced PCI compliance exposure by using tokenized payments you can opt for an external (custom) captive portal. We can help with these custom options if needed.

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