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[request] DFS channel changing causes bad wireless uplink quality and unreasonable false positives

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It´s an long time watched wrong behaviour of the DFS channel selection.


I notice on the camp site randomly mainly on the highest mounted UAP Mesh pro DFS channel changings. In this cases several problems appears:

In Germany and I guess in other countries too not all 5G Channels have the same allowed EIRP Power. In my case, I must use outdoor channel and here is the problem. Ubiquiti handles UNII-2 as outdoor allowed channels, but officially UNII-2 is not allowed for outdoor usage in Europe. From time to time the Mesh jumps to this UNII-2 band with less channel power (-20dbm instead -27dbm)

Main problem is, all wireless connected Mesh Clients have a poor reception with below 70Mbit at the UNII-2 band, due to the reduced transmit power, but they don´t change to other Stations.


I want Ubi to accept the local law for channel usage, when I am in outdoor mode. Or better we have the possibility to select channel ranges where the DFS is allowed to work in.

Maybe it has to do with manual channel selection, but auto channel is the worst thing to use. We have too many neighbour wlan´s on the camp site himself.


Next problem with DFS is the reason, when a DFS is detected. This is very likely most of the time a false positive. Of course I am not really sure, but without knowing what ever is the DFS reason, what shall it be? We are in an wireless free area, the next wlan is 2km far away and the camp site is surrounded from Mountains, it´s nearly impossible, that we have so often weather radar as a reason. 

I believe that several guest routers are using wrong wlan prioritisations. For my understanding outdoor CPEs have a higher priority for wlan channels than indoor or soho routers and the highest priority have weather radar.

But as long we have no log about the reason for dfs detection, its all a guessing.


The support wasn´t able to understand the problem or to solve it. Does anyone here have similar problems and so we can push a feature request for changing these ?

Or maybe a solution is possible, which I didn´t know. Otherwise I would open a feature request.


One other thing I was wondering about is, why the mesh UAPs doesn´t have TPC ?!? No one can give me an answer about it, no technical data will answer this, only that DFS is supported. But with TPC I guess, we can get better signal quality for wireless uplink stations and throughput.


Feature Request 1 DFS Channel Limit





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