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uap ac m throughput in 2.4ghz

good day im from the philippines


i currently have a uap outdoor+ deployed in our neighborhood


about UAP-AC-M throughput i know that wireless uplink is using the 5ghz band, assuming that i will only use the 2.4ghz for client distribution not the 5ghz.

thus the throughput of 2.4ghz band affected in the hops? or only the 5ghz are affectted?

l was asking because im planning to deploy a mesh here in our neighborhood since im only planning to allocate 1mb per user

and only 10-15 users per ap mesh.or depending of the available throughput in the hops

the reason im asking is i want to know the possible throughput in the 2.4ghz in lets say the 3rd hop so i may able to calculate the airtime.and

not saturate the AP mesh in order to give a good user experience.

im not aiming for maximum client connection per AP but aiming to give a quality user experience

(i have learned to calculate the airtime in watching Andrew vonNagy youtube videos)