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unable to save password in chrome




A small question regarding my password for the unifi app in Chrome. Somehow it doesn't want to save my password. I t is an annoyingly difficult password and I would like for chrome to save it , like it does with lots of other passwords for websites.


Does it have something to do with a certificate error I get when opening the unifi windows app?

When I try to open the website in Explorer , it does safe my password , but the app is not functioning correctly in explorer.




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Re: unable to save password in chrome

This works for Windows PCs
Import the certificate from the NVR into the Windows trusted certificate store.

Step 1. Get the certificate
Use Firefox to export the certificate. At the Insecure Connection screen, click advanced. At the bottom of screen Add Exception. View the certificate and if it all looks OK click the Details Tab and Export. Save the certificate and remember where you saved it.

Step 2. Import the certificate into the Windows Trusted Certificate store.
Start/in the search programs and files box type mmc/click mmc.exe Answer yes if prompted.
In the Console1 window/File/Add-Remove Snap-in. Select Certificates then Add.
In the Certificates snap-in window select the Computer account radio button and Next.
Select Local computer radio button and Finish. Click OK in the Add or Remove Snap-ins Window.
Back in the Console1 window under Console Root expand the Certificates (Local Computer) and then expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
Right click Certificates/All Tasks/Import. Certificates Import Wizard/Next. Browse to your previously saved Certificate. Click on the Certificate then Open.
Click Next and place all certificates in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store. Click Next then Finish.
You should get a The import was successful notification. Click OK. Close the Console1 window, there is no need to save.

Save the certificate to a thumb drive to use on other Windows machines.

Now you don't get an exception when using Chrome or Firefox to access your NVR and the Browser will let you save your credentials.
This seems a bit long winded but it is easy and should solve your problem - it has worked for me on multiple PCs