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understanding errors in wireshark log

A couple of weeks ago I asked about how to capture wifi messages because of a problem we're having at my Bridge club we're our tablets sometimes have a problem getting feedback from the scoring PC.


We have two ubiquiti ap ac pro access points and Lenovo tablets.  We've found one of the problems which is that the scoring PC is taking too long to send the result back - the tablet times out after two seconds which is too short.


The second problem is that some tablets have a problem getting feedback all night and turning the wifi off and on, on the tablet can sometimes help.  Last night I captured messages at the scoring PC using wireshark and for IP address there are a huge number of errors for that IP address and the people using the tablet with that address reported the tablet had lots of problems all night.  The capture file is here


It shows that the tablet is sending lots and lots of TCP resets and retransmissions.  Can anyone suggest what the cause of this is?  The problem is not associated with any one particular tablet.


Thanks for any suggestions.