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I have been using cloudkeys through the website for at least a year, so I'm fairly use to this setup.

Currently have just over 30 sites attached to my account.  Which may be an issue unto itself.

Since the 5.9.29 version release, I get random sites to go offline, almost daily.


Most of the sites have an Edgerouter in place, so I simply create a portforward directly to the cloudkey.

Most of the time, the cloudkey is still accessible via ssh and sometimes even through a web browser.

A reboot of the cloudkey will reconnect the device back to the webiste.


Two questions.

1) Is anyone else experiencing this issue, with any solutions they would care to share?


2) Is there any method of moving my sites to an actual computer instead of Unifi's website?

Similar to the way UNMS is ran from a Ubuntu VM I created.  Can I run a similar local setup for my cloudkeys?


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Re: drop issues

Hello @gravityzero,


Personally ain't experiencing this.

You can setup a server in AWS for example and install the UniFi Network Controller of there and migrate all the sites to that controller, so you have 1 massive controller with multiple sites.


You can use my installation scripts to install the UniFi Network Controller.




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Re: drop issues .... i know where it is, i found it 10 minutes ago...


the DNS settings are somewhat confused, they change every 60 seconds with their 4 ipadressen. my ISP is in this regard problems why I have changed my cloudkeys to the global DNS server the google or had similar problems with it, or i fixed IP setting in /etc/hosts ....

the second problem that u can't connect from cloud over WEBRTC u must use "Google Chrome"! nothing other will currenty work with the newest version. I've use mozilla or Safari and no of this browser will work