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Amplifi Standard not connecting to LAN

Hooking up an Amplifi and dual Mesh units in my home.  I was able to connect to my Arris cable modem (supplied by my Cable/Internet provider: CableOne) when plugged directly into a LAN port with good transmission and data exchange.  However, I wanted to use the router in a central location both for coverage and to plug non-wireless units into the LAN ports on back that require internet access.  The CAT5e cable I used was plugged into one of the ports on the cable modem and terminated in my Family Room that I wired.  The run is approximately 60'-70'.  I am able to connect this port to my SMART TV in this room and access internet data through it.  I was able to acquire the IP address, Gateway, DNS config, Subnet Mask, and MAC address from the Network Settings which verifies I was connected. However, when I connected the Amplifi router to the same port (with a good CAT5e cable) and using the iPhone Amplifi App, was unable to connect in DHCP mode.  I went into the settings section on the app and tried to apply the network settings manually and the router screen still prompted me to plug a cable into the WAN port which it already was.  The app showed no connectivity and prompted a "diagnose" which I did and verified there was still no connection with the modem.  I chatted with tech support for about an hour as we both went through the same procedure.......again.......No Joy!   At the end of the conversation, he could offer no solution and I successfully reconnected the Amplifi modem back to the cable modem directly.  Any ideas on what the problem may be?  All I can figure is a little increased resistance due to the Cat5e cable length, but in terms of connectivity, it's negligible.  I'm not sure however, whether it would affect the performance/connectivity of the Amplifi modem?  The technician said he would bring the issue to their technical department and possibly there could be a fix in a later Firmware update.  Ahhh yeah!  And I was so excited about getting this thing.  Thanks to any of you that make a suggestion.  I'm at my wits' end.   Darrell Castleberry / Biloxi, MS