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Cloudkey Rackmount $100??? (beta store)

Just saw it in the store and couldn't believe the price, figured it would be $20-$30, even $50 would be pricey for what it is, but $100 is a joke.  Hopefully this is just some weird beta pricing for those that have to have it now, otherwise mine will just be sitting on a $15 shelf in the rack.

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Re: Cloudkey Rackmount $100??? (beta store)

The Cloudkey Rackmount is made for the people that requested a high quality and slick looking enclosure following the Unifi rack design pointers.  There are also situations where passive shelves in a rack are frowned upon, or even unacceptable.  This product will probably never become a high turnover item and design, materials, tooling and packaging cost have to be paid.


For the more price sensitive customers - where price overrules design - there is always the $15, mass produced, black painted iron shelf rack.


Both solutions have their own market.


There's nothing wrong with the point you made. IMHO however there is nothing wrong with the pricing.  it's a nice option.