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EdgePower Operating Temperature



I was wondering about the possibility of edgepower in an outdoor box. I noticed that the operating temp has a max temp spec of 104F. I am sure the product is designed to be in a conditioned room with power running up to product, but there are small sites that would be nice to have a box at the bottom of a smaller tower that housed the edgepower, but, in the midwest with sun beating down it would get rather toasty inside. Anyone pushing the limits of the specifications on this product? Any plans to make a "tough" or outdoor version of this product?



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Re: EdgePower Operating Temperature

We've had one running in an outdoor cabinet in the sun for well over a year now, with no issues.   It does have a fan and thermostat in the cabinet, but it's still going to be hot in there in July.August.   The ratings are always pretty conservative...


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