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Prism 3.5

@ubnt as AC for 2.4GHz is in Beta. What's up with 3.5GHz. I want to remove my wimax "crap". Please give me AC with Sync in 3.5GHz. I am in ETSI. I am limited to 36db EIRP in upper 5GHz and 20db EIRP in 2,4GHz. I have licensed some 3,5GHz where I am allowed to use more tx-power. So please give me a gear for 3,5GHz.

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Re: Prism 3.5

I don't think you will see anything new in the 3ghz band until the FCC firms up plans for CBRS.

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Re: Prism 3.5

5AC is based on commodity silicon.  There is no 3.65 commodity silicon on which to base such an offering.


airFiber LTU is coming...

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Re: Prism 3.5

The way things are looking, 3.65Ghz products will dramatically change as CBRS band opens up, and everyone has their eyes on LTE-type of gear. Such as the UBNT LTU, which I believe they've been aiming on for a LONG time to fit right in with the 3Ghz stuff.

802.11 will be dead-end after LTE/LTU products start dominating the market.
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Re: Prism 3.5

1 no news in long time in this freq band :-( Smiley Sad