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Gidday From Aussie

Hi all,


Dean here from Qld in Australia, I'm looking at a network upgrade in my house soon when faster internet arrives in our house early next year and am certainly very interested in the UBNT path for AP's Switch and USG requirements. I've been around PC's Gaming Admin (Retired) for many years and really just looking at a cost effective low maintainence system that will serve my needs and at the moment UBNT is ticking all the boxes for me.


At this stage looking at the following items:


2 AP's for 4 Bedroom House (Lowset Home) Leaning toward Lite's

1 16W Unfi Switch POE for switching and POE for  AP's

1 USG and 1 Cloud Key (Older Version of Key)


Anyway thanks for existing UBNT, from what I have seen so far you are certainly the go to company for my needs.

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Re: Gidday From Aussie

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Thanks for dropping by. I hope I get to visit the GBR before it's

too late. I give it a decade at best.


For your kit, I have a slightly different take:

> I'd use UAP-AC-LR; for slightly higher price, it has
   better coverage and performance

> US-16-150W is sufficient for a large home; perhaps

   even a US-8-150W would suffice [or did you mean '16W'?]

> I prefer EdgeRouter over USG--even in a UniFi environment;

   consider ER-X-SFP for home use unless you have fiber

> Cloud Key works fine, but it's also voltage sensitive, so I
   also suggest you add a UPS for power stabilization;    Dave

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Re: Gidday From Aussie



A curious newbie here. 


@Dave-D, why would you recommend using ER rather than USG? I am a user&fan of Vyatta/Vyos, love the features, so ER is tempting but... do you then lose the awesomeness of having them all monitored and managed at one view in the Contoroller?




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Re: Gidday From Aussie

Thanks for the reply, something to ponder I guess over the next few months. And yes the POE Switch 16 Port 150Watt I think it was I was looking at.