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Hello from Mexico.....and no clue

Hello everybody,

I am located outside of La Paz, BCS, Mexico, and using a NanoBridgeM to get the wifi signal from a friends house, about a mile away. I do not have real access to the Telmex router at me friends house, where the bridge is plugged in.

Here at my house, I have installed a UniFi switch 16 lately, but have clue if or how to configure it for my use.

Two Netgear access points WNAP-320 are connected to this switch, together with other network users, like home automation and solar control unit.

The AP in the other building (50') away, seem to give me always problems. I have switched the AP's around, even pulled a new Cat Ve cable, but the wifi in that building is not as stable as the first on, next to the switch.

I have no idea what to look for, and just the guy to only plug things in, and hope it works.....

Is it possible, to connect the network cable from my destination/bridge antenna direct in to the POE port of the switch, or does it need to go to the supplied powder supply first.


Any help or pointers will be most appriciated.

Thank you,


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Re: Hello from Mexico.....and no clue

@lapazkarl  Welcome!


Yes you can plug the nanobridge into the UniFi Switch, but you would need to enable 24v POE on that switch port.  That can change PoE options in the switch port settings.





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