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New and Looking for help! Please


I live in a rural area with no access to real internet. I currently have home internet provided by US Cellular (not cutting it). I came across this video




and started investigating if I could get this to work for me.  Where my house sits I wouldn't have much, if any, LOS and the distance to my connection would be between 2-5 miles. So I'm trying to find what my best option would be. I am considering 






after deciding which would work best I'm not clear as to exactly what I'd need to purchase. With the PowerBeam do I just need 2 of them and roll, or do I need to add another part(s). I know I'll need routers and cables, and such. With the Yagi, do I need 1 or two 




Thanks in advance!

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Re: New and Looking for help! Please

@powerkatwedel   Welcome!


I think @UBNT-James   can shed some light on this.





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Re: New and Looking for help! Please

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The Yagi is designed for M900 airMAX radios.  Antennas need to match the operating frequency of the radio it is connected to.  In addition to that, the PowerBeams have an integrated antenna, so you wouldn't need to purchase one.


For links of this distance, you will need to have line of sight between the two locations, or possibly more than one link.  Usually, this means a tower of time type at both locations.



You can use our wireless link planned to plot both locations and see if you have ground clearance (it doesn't currently account for trees/buildings).


What are your requirements for throughput (ISP speed)?



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Re: New and Looking for help! Please

Thank you for your help. If I can pull anything over 25mbs consistently, I'd be happy because I'm lucky now to get 10-15 inconsistently.  I know I cannot get a direct clear line of sight.

Here is that I got from the link.


PowerBeam 2AC.JPG