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Pinocute from Malang, Indonesia

Already used Ubiquity, PBE-M5-400 1 km (no mainstream). Actually so closed to use PBE M5, but my office would not take risk. Need to pass 30 Mbps throughput. Power 15 dBm each side, and i got -63 at station. 


Other side, i used Ubiquity LBE-5AC, for 1 ,2 km, result was good. i could pass 50 Mbps throughput. to farend PTP


Another side, i used PBE-M2-400 6,5 Km, i can pass 4 Mbps with power 25 dB. 


Thanks for Ubiquity 

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Re: Pinocute from Malang, Indonesia

welcome to the forum @pinocute
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