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The more I learn, the less I understand

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Hi there! 

Ever since some upgrades at home I've reached the limit of my current router and I was recommended to switch over to Ubiquiti. 

However, the more I read the more questions pop up and right now I'm lost.


Here's my scenario: 

I have two floors that need solid wifi but I'm only able to have one ethernet cable linking the floors.

The connection speed is 1000/1000 mbit.


Floor 1:

1000 / 1000 connection comes in.

I wolud like an AP here as well as my NAS (which will run the controller for the network).

The NAS will have connection-aggregasion.


Floor 2: 

Ethernet cable from Floor 1. 

I want another AP here to ensure a strong wifi signal.

There are also 3 stationary computers here.


How could this be solved without bottlenecking (or at least not "choke") my connection or transfers from the NAS to the computers on Floor 2?

Is it possible on a budget around $1000?


I'm very thankful for all replies! 




My original plan was as follows.


(Floor 1)1000/1000 internet -->

[Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway] -->

[Ubiquiti Unifi US-8-150W Switch] (more PoE in case I want cameras later) --> 

* [Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro]

* NAS (controller)

* ethernet cable to floor 2 --> 

(Floor 2) [Ubiquity UniFi US-8 Switch] --> 

* [Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro]

* Computer 1

* Computer 2
* Computer 3


I was told this would bottleneck my 1000/1000 mbit connection horribly. 

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Re: The more I learn, the less I understand

good luck finding servers that will allow you to saturating a gig line constantly , more then likely you will be slowed down by your neighbors use as you are on a shared line.

Your slowest point is going to be your wifi or your read/write speed on the nas/computers , if your really worried about maxing out a port between the 2 floors then use this on a device that accepts SFP+ UF-RJ45-10G

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Re: The more I learn, the less I understand

Thank you for your reply @mitecnick 
I will also not be slowed down by any neighbours and my NAS has more than enough write speed to keep up.

My main concern is if the hardware in the gateway will handle 1000/1000 without choking or if I have to upgrade. Seeing how the next step, from what I can find, is a rackmounted gateway which will be a lot more noisy unless I replace it's fans I wish to stay clear of it.

If you say the small gateway till keep up without a sweat I will buy it in a heartbeat.

Again, very grateful for all feedback and replies. 

Sadly, although I love tinkering with hardware I have little time to do so and I lean upon you guys and your knowledge.

Thank you!