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my presentation and need advice.

HI! VE2PF here (yup another ham radio operator around)


I am from the Montreal Quebec region, speaking mostly french, so I ask forgiveness for my typos and strange sentence.


52 years been using bullet2 ( not m2) for the last, I dont remember , as a link in 2.4 ghz for a ham club repeater links to provide internet to the computer on site. After that about 5 years ago a friend of mine asked my to add wifi for his whole camping site ( the site is around 300 meter by 150 meter) I used some loco station M5 as the back bone of the wifi network and those were connected to pico station m2 for the omnidirectional open wifi network. the site needed a captive portal so I used a small x86 itx computer to run PFsense to run the captive portal..


I now need to update the site with dual band radios as the 2.4 ghz band is pretty clouged up.


I was thinking of using 3 UAP AC M PRO as the back bone and wifi network.


I included a photo of the site in the email on point A I have the main internet access and router. I would put a UniFi Security Gateway as the entry point of the site, connected to my cloud hosted unifi controler site B and C are both poles ( 4 meter high) that would have 1 UAP AC M PRO each. Would this setup work in a mesh system? would the client need a kind of mesh application to connect to that network?


want to go that route as if we need to expend the network, working with mesh device would help a lot.


thnaks for your help and I hope to come here more often as I really have to learn some stuff ;-)


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Re: my presentation and need advice.

@Petem001  Welcome!


Between A and B looks good.  I would suggest putting another Mesh Pro unit between B and C.


This is all coming from the map you have provided.  The best thing you is do a physical site survey.  


Fire a MeshPro unit all these location and see what signal you get at each mark on the map.  So you can a good feel for how the signal will lay out.





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Re: my presentation and need advice.

between A and B I have a loco station link that never had any problem. And from B to C I can catch both of my pico station from the ground with fair signal. but I also have a loco station m5 link that make the bridge between both pico station.


After reading a bit more, I think I could go with a UAP-AC-PRO from the source(point A) to point B UAP-AC-M-PRO then the other UAP-AC-M-PRO at point C could hoock up to B as it is a line of site situation between both pole.


later on if I need more devices I could just add some other UAP-AC-M that would connect to the 2 main UAP-AC-M-PRO and that would expand the mesh and the coverage.


Since the user have 2Mb/s 500Kb/s bandwith limitation on the captive portal. they can listen to netflix and such without being able to do much p2p or other thing.


Right now the PFsense is doing exactly that and it is fine. But switching every thing to Ubiquity Unifi will help make thing smoother for me and the camping owner