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Why not WiFiMon? Or you know, USurvey?

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I know alot of people are going to think I'm being a over zealos SJW, but why "WiFiMan"? The industry is already has terrible gender diversity, I'd rather not be paying with "the WiFiMan"... 


"WiFiMon", or maybe... "USurvey", so when I type "u" into my phone all the Ubquiti apps come up (that was pretty helpful!).


Remember when we're on a job, the last thing I need to be doing is thinking about "what did ubquiti name that thing again?". If everything is Uxxx then it makes it so much easier on all of us!

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Re: Why not WiFiMon? Or you know, USurvey?

Exactly! Consistency! Man Happy
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Re: Why not WiFiMon? Or you know, USurvey?

Just put all of the apps you need in a folder.  Its just a name.