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Huge problems with SR71-E


We've been using SR71-E for one of our embedded projects. Problem is, after some time of usage, the card TX power become very weak (or loses only 10dBm sometimes). The card is used on an embedded platform running Linux (using ath9k). For example, here are some measurements on our spectrum analyzer:
Here is the output for the still functionning (for now) card:


And now here is the measurement for one of our (MANY) "not functionning anymore" card:


For this measurement, I used exactly the same embedded dev board as a host platform, same OS, same software running on the board, just switched the two cards...


I have 3 non functionning cards on my desk right now. And at least two others have been discarded for being used in our product. They are piling up.


What's going on ?? What can be done ?


PS: The sole difference between the cards seems to be the EEPROM data that seem different from what I could get from those two cards... Besided of that, I have no idea of what would cause this particular issue. Also had no problem with the Mikrotik 5HnD used in the sae conditions.