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AC2 Beta14 released!

Hi all,

releasing AC2 Beta14 with follow changes:


- New: Added support for PowerBeam M2 400, PowerBeam M5 300/400/620


- Fix: Configuration validation error if output power is less than 8

- Fix: Invalid channel width setting in configuration after upgrade from v5.5

- Fix: Could not start device configuration if config backup is missing

- Fix: Graphical problems on some video cards after upgrade to OS X Maverics

- Fix: Delay when updating device counters (All/Online/Offline/Not Monitored)

- Fix: Device reporting url not being updated after reconnect

- Fix: Fixed topology view corruption after running discovery task




 - To prevent from any data migration issues please do upgrade only from the latest AC2-BETA12 version. 

 - Both Server/Client apps has to be upgraded using install images. If only server will be upgraded, client app after auto-upgrade may not start.

 - AC2 does no longer support JAVA 1.6. Before upgrade to AC2-BETA14 please upgrade JAVA to the latest available version.


Other Notes: 

- to fix graphical issues on OS X Maverics edit client startup script and add --enableTextureCoordFix argument

- when installing over an existing version, please close airControl2 client application if it is running

- if you see inconsistencies in the automatically resolved topology and you have active PoE configurations in it, please do not perform mass-firmware updates with AC2 beta, this can cause permanent damage to some devices 



Windows Server/Client installer:

Ubuntu Server/Client installer:

Mac OS Client installer:


Enjoy in using it and please report new problems or usability change requests in separate threads.